Thames Skiff Oars


In pursuit of perfection

The Thames skiff oar is the ultimate when it comes to wooden oars. They’re not a recreational oar, or designed solely for racing, but simply perfectly made and shaped for the boat as much as the individual using them. Comfort, balance, and the enjoyment of rowing are coupled with years of oar making experience to produce the Skiff Oars.

They have similarities to the Standard Spoon oar we produce, with some subtle changed. On close inspection the oar blade is finer with more material removed giving a slightly deeper scollop with a more pronounced turn towards the tip. The neck is taken to 1-1/2” x 1-3/16” which for years have been the accepted as the perfect balance between strength and weight. The looms are either tubular construction or girder, and at the button the oar pitch can be applied to suit either the boat or the individual. Either barrel handles or shaped to accept grips the oars offer the complete package.

Traditionally finished with a set of leathers with built up buttons, equally the can be shaped to carry plastic adjustable buttons with shrink on sleeves. Ash tips on the blade and the oar shapers signature hidden under the leather these oars are made to enjoy.

With the bespoke nature we make each pair from scratch after an order is placed. The normal lead times are in the region of 4 to 5 weeks, but an exact completion date will be confirmed on order.

All Skiff Oars are sold in pairs - the price quoted is per PAIR and includes VAT at the 20%