Welcome to our store

Collars have been in the business of providing rowers and sailors with specialist equipment for over 85 years. From our early beginnings in a Thameside boathouse in 1930's Oxford, making oars and sculls for the colleges, to our present involvement with large, international yacht projects, the name Collars speaks of quality and tradition.

Whilst we embrace a one to one personal service when it comes to ordering, equally we felt it necessary to cater for today's market and open a convenient, online store. If there is any uncertainty in the product you wish to order, please don't hesitate to call us for advice. We will be pleased to discuss any queries you may have to ensure the Collars product you purchase is right for you and provides years of enjoyment. 
When you purchase a Collars oar, you are not just buying the oar, but the years of experience and knowledge that is behind it. Whilst the vast majority of our products are manufactured from old patterns or templates, the shaper always has the final say. Changing a handle size, more pronounced turn in the blade, or adding a couple of degrees of pitch, can all be accommodated. Don’t be afraid to ask, we are as happy to advise as to listen as, after all, we are all still learning this art. 

Bespoke or standard?