• Spoon Bladed Pin Oars


    An oar that has stood the test of time

    The spoon bladed pin oar is widely used on the Cumbrian Lakes as well as in some areas of Scotland. It is a very traditional yet simple way of attaching the oar to the boat, replacing the conventional rowlock with a vertical thole pin, usually mounted on the gunwale or a small outrigger. This pin either passes up through the loom of the oar or through a hole in a additional bit of timber secured to the side of the loom.

    To accommodate the hole for the pin, the loom of the oar is left square from the end of the handle to 4 inches past the pin. This allows easy positioning for the pin slot, as well as acting as a counter balance. A very light downward pressure is the key to successful rowing with this arrangement. The hole in the loom, triangular in section to allow full movement through the stroke, is lined with copper for protection and has a chafe plate on the underside where it is in contact with the gunwale.

    This arrangement was made popular amongst fisherman, able to attend to their rods or lines without needing to ship the oars to prevent them floating away. Today, many hire boat fleets still use them, along with recreational users of the traditional lake boats.

    With many different designs unique to particular areas of the country and boat builders alike, we would be pleased to reproduce an existing design or provide a suitable alternative from our range of patterns built up over the years.   

Generally, lengths are normally between 9’2” and 9’6”, but the position of the pin varies from boat to boat as determined by the beam. Manufactured traditionally in fine grain Columbian Pine for durability, the option of Spruce can also be accommodated for lightness and feel.

    These oars are made bespoke to your requirements and normally have a lead time of 3 to 4 weeks.  We will provide a delivery date once you have placed your order and confirmed your speciication.

    All Pin Oars are sold in pairs - the price quoted is per PAIR and includes VAT at the 20%