• Spoon bladed oars


    Performance with quality

    Designed for the individual requiring that little bit extra in terms of control and performance, the Spoon oar is a bespoke product; carefully shaped by hand, with laminated blades for strength and an Ash inlay on the tip, for added protection against scuffing and possible splitting.

    Being tailor made, the loom is normally left round for rowing in conventional rowlocks or if required, with a 'D' section for use with a traditional gate. For added protection, a number of options are available including leathers, PVC sleeving, and adjustable/fixed buttons.

    Lead Time / Availability

    We aim to keep most sizes of spoon oars in stock, or at least the blanks ready for shaping. On placing an order, we would expect to fulfill it within 2 to 3 weeks. However, should the lead time be longer, you will be advised by return. As they are a bespoke item, there may also be the need to consult on particular dimensions, such as button position and loom shape.  

    All Spoon Oars are sold in pairs - the price quoted is per PAIR and includes VAT at the 20%