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    A traditional art needs a traditional oar to suit.

    Sculling a boat by means of a single oar mounted over the transom is one of the oldest forms of propulsion. The origins remain a little uncertain, but it is known to have been used in ancient China where the Yuloh oar was first employed, and which can still been seen in use today.  

    In recent times, the technique of sculling is mainly reserved to time served waterman and unfortunately, is not being passed on to the younger generations to enjoy. Although the forward speed is less than conventional rowing, it allows the boatman to face forward and manoeuvre in busy harbours, where oar space may be lacking on either side.

    Although there are different designs of sculling oars, at Collars we offer a traditional version, flat one side, and convex on the other, blending into a round tapered loom with a comfortable shaped handle. Made from fine grain Sitka Spruce, the sculling oar offers the perfect mix of performance and grace to allow everyone to learn the art of sculling like a skilled waterman.

    Standard sizes available are 7'6" 8'6"and 9'6", but as they are hand made to order we can normally accommodate any slight modifications you have. Likewise, to finish the oar a 12" stitched leather is recommended to protect the Spruce.

    All Sculling Oars are sold singularly - the price quoted is EACH and includes VAT at the 20%