• PVC 4" Heat shrink sleeving per metre


    Supplied in either pre-cut pairs or metre lengths, the tubing is simply slid over the loom of the oar and gently heated using a hot air gun (not a hairdryer) until it shrinks tight onto the loom. Robust enough to prevent chafe from rowlocks whilst allowing the oar to rotate a move naturally whilst rowing. Supplied in two sizes - 3” diameter and 4” diameter. These are nominal size of the tubing as supplied and before shrinking. As a general guide the 4” tubing is suitable for loom sizes between 2-1/2” to 3-1/2” diameter, and the 3” tubing for looms 1-1/4” to 2-3/8” diameter. The more the tubing shrinks the greater the wall thickness thus the better protection it offers.

    If you need any help deciding whether it’s suitable for the application or which size to opt for please call the office and we will be pleased to discuss.