Collars Brand Label


Over the 85 years we have been branding our products there has been many variations of our mark. Originally, we used to apply the branding using an ink stamp directly onto the bare timber and this took skill positioning it on a curved loom, without smudging the logo.

Transfers made life much easier and a black oval design was adopted throughout the 60’s and early 70’s, before the orange was introduced to make them stand out better. This colour soon became instantly recognisable as the Collars brand on all our masts and oars. Larger rectangle transfers were introduced in the late 70’s for applying to oar looms, whilst the smaller oval stickers were kept for the small oars and sculls.

Although we still have a small number of the original rectangle transfers, the more convenient sticker was introduced in the late 90’s to supersede it. Keeping the new sticker the same size, it offers a perfect replacement after a re-varnish where the original transfer has been lost and timber beneath is of a much paler colour. Normally applied prior to the last coat of varnish, equally they survive well on top of the varnish, unlike the transfers that needed to be sealed in.

We also have all the red numbering for spoons and sweeps, so please enquire if there is a decal needed to return your oars to their full, original glory.