• Spruce Admiralty Oar


    A robust oar with versatility to match

    Designed by the Admiralty, these oars are still used today in many different craft, by both the Forces and civilians alike. They are tremendously robust and have stood the test of time, whether used on a daily basis teaching young cadets to row or stowed under the heavy cover of a liftboat hung in the davits on a merchant ship.

    Ranging from 8' right up to 17' in length these oars carry a NTS (Nato Stock Number) and a specification that relates to 26 different measurement points. Their main feature however is the distinctive long, narrow blade that is always one third of the overall length of oar, and a loom that is oval at the neck and tapers to round at the button position and than back down to the long double grip handle. The oars are supplied with a black plastic heat shrink rowlock protection, the length of which is 1/10th of the length of the oars. Additional lengths of this heat shrink are available in our accessories section, as dependent on use, it does eventually chafe through and should periodically be replaced

    These oars are manufactured in both American White Ash or Sitka Spruce. The latter being the most common for Cadets to use in Home County Gigs and ASC's, where as the Ash was developed more for the Ship Supply chains for use on lifeboats. There is a cross over with both materials. The Ash, whilst stronger and more robust, is heavier than the light weight Spruce. If you're unsure as to which material would suit your needs best, we would be happy to discuss this with you.

    All Admiralty Oars are sold singually - the price quoted is EACH and includes VAT at the 20%