• 25ft Barge Oar


    The Thames Barge Oar is a specialised oar, used by the Lighterman and Waterman on board the 30 ton Thames Barges that were once common place throughout the Port of London. Nowadays, their skills in manoeuvering these Barges is mainly reserved for the annual Thames Barge Driving Race where up to 11 Barges, with between 5 and 6 crew members, steer and row the Barges over a seven mile course, for about 90 minutes from Greenwich to Westminster Bridge.

    With only 2 sweeps and a single steering oar, the oars are in the region of 25’ overall with a square 4” loom tapering to a long narrow blade. Laminated for strength, the oars are made to order and often vary slightly, depending on the individual crews preference. 

    Price per Barge Oar and including VAT @ 20%     All Barge oars are sold EACH and the price includes VAT at 20%