• Adjustable sculling buttons to fit D looms


    Originally used on wooden sculling oars, these adjustable collars allow for quick and easy change of gearing, often moved to accommodate a head or tail wind. Nowadays, they are more often used where different people are using the same oars, or when the blades are swapped between a boats or rowing positions. Positioned on top of our standard 3” diameter heat shrink tube, they clamp down in two halves with the aid of two small adjustment screws. Using heat shrink protection means there is no mechanical fastening into the oar, allowing easy adjustment without compromising the oars. This is useful when when trying to set up a new set of oars to suit the boat and rower.

    With a bit of tolerance, they are ideally suited to a standard 1-7/8 D section loom. Two layers of heat shrink can be used should the loom fall under, and it is possible to squeeze them on to a 2” loom. They fit all out standard range of spoon and skiff oars and can be supplied as a kit with heat shrink or fitted to oars when ordered.

    All buttons are sold in PAIRS and the price includes VAT at 20%